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Mary, I have made two of my best roman blinds this week both of which were roman blind wizard ones! This is marvellous and will be using your program lots from now on they cascade just perfectly and so neat! x thank you again for all of your help
Claire Metcalfe, Clarabelle Interiors -

I love it!!! Best thing ever. Have made three so far. Easy peasy. Have always sent my roman blind orders to an out worker. Not any more! Wow, wish I had found you ages ago. Have quoted today for a house lot of drapes and romans. Can’t wait to get the job and make a start. Romans always got left to the last minute to do. Now I'm so excited, can't wait to do them first. Love the wizard and love you guys for producing it. Thanks heaps all the way from New Zealand!!
Kathy Alexander, The Curtain Girl -

So pleased with my self-stacking roman blinds using Roman Blind Wizard Calculations. After so many years of being not quite happy enough with them I won’t be making any more without my printout beside me. Thank You so much for this service.
Bernie, Bernie’s Quality Curtains and Blinds -

Having a bit of a day - so wanted a blind calculation in a hurry - and it worked brilliantly!
Anne Bailey, Designer Touch Curtains -

This software saves us a huge amount of time, and is very accurate. I have consistently had great results! It is an impressive tool to have to hand, what would we do without it!
Nicola Buckley, Voveo Handmade Soft Furnishings -

The Roman Blind Wizard has saved me hours of calculations and working out- what a fantastic product, I would definitely recommend it and will be using it again and again! Super easy to use and great results so thank you SO much!
Mrs Johns

Thanks for the chance to say how grateful I am for the Roman Blind Wizard! I was altering a curtain into a roman blind and adding blackout lining so having the maths done was brilliant. I have made several blinds and always find the worst bit is calculating for the folds. Great idea Mary! Thanks

Hi Mary thank you so much for the extensive telephone support you gave me regarding my very large blind. It was very kind of you in these days where the personal touch is a rare thing. You were so helpful and I cannot thank you enough. As for the Roman Blind Wizard that is just sheer genius!!
Liz Murdoch

I'm loving it Mary, I can see it's going to save me a lot of headaches with maths! Not my strongest subject … much prefer the sewing bit.
Andrea Jubb, Raspberry Lime Bespoke Roman Blinds -

Have used Roman Blind wizard for both standard and cascade Roman blinds and have found it saves time doing calculations and also means I can check I have everything ready to get on with the job!
Julie, J Salvidge -

Just have to write and tell you what a marvellous find this site was for me. After logging on to you tube for help with making a blind (which I haven't made for ten years) your site appeared.
Tracey Foy