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Cascading blind with hand beaded lower edge

Category Gallery 11/04/2018 (GMT)

Notes from the Workroom

This blind was made using Harlequin's Tembok fabric.  It's a beautiful embroidered linen, and the client wanted to add a finishing touch with beads along the bottom edge.  We couldn't find a ready-made beaded trim which was exactly right for the fabric, so we decided to make our own.  Each bead was selected and sewn on individually.  

The width of the blind is wider than the fabric, which would normally require joining seams running vertically down the blind.  In consultation with the client, we decided that the design of the fabric would support "railroading" - or turning the fabric sideways.  The embroidered area was just wide enough to create the required drop of the blind, so the beads were sewn literally along the edge of the embroidered panel.  

Before sewing the beads, we incorporated interlining to the back of the fabric to add structure and give a firmer base for the beadwork.

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