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What did the Romans do for us.......?

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The easiest and quickest Roman Blind fold calculator for perfect blinds every time

There’s no doubt that the Romans left their mark on Britain, with their many developments and innovations which we can still see today. These include the Roman Blind, which has survived more than 2,000 years since the concept was first created in its most original and basic form.

The Roman blind has a long and interesting background, so if you design and make Roman blinds today you will be adding your own page to this evolving story. 

History tells us that Roman blinds were first used to shield open windows from the clouds of dust and dirt that were kicked up during the building of the Colosseum around 70AD.

They started life as a piece of damp cloth loosely hung across open windows, and quickly caught on across the Roman Empire. As time went on, the blinds became both more functional and more elaborate, incorporating cords, folds and decorative designs which turned them into an attractive feature, as well as a practical device for keeping out the dust and the light.



What is a Roman Blind or Roman Shade?

Today’s Roman Blinds, or Roman Shades as they are called in America, still conform to the basic design created by those early citizens of Rome – a simple rectangular panel supported on a headrail above the window. The blind is opened and closed, or raised and lowered, by cords which run down the back of the blind and are threaded through cord rings attached to the horizontal rods. The folds created by raising the blind can be set into any position between fully open and fully closed. Modern blinds can be made in a wide range of fabrics, from lightweight sheers to heavy velvets, plain or patterned, trimmed, lined, interlined and shaped to provide all levels of light control, heat and noise insulation, and more importantly in today’s double glazed homes, stunning decorative effect.  

Designing Roman Blinds

Despite 2,000 years of development, working out how to design and calculate the folds for Roman blinds is still notoriously tricky and time consuming. ‘How to measure for my Roman blind’ and ‘How to calculate my Roman blind folds’ are among the most common questions we get asked – and before we came up with the easy to use Roman Blind Wizard calculator, they were questions we were constantly asking ourselves!

Even with our years of experience in blinds and soft furnishings, planning Roman Blind folds was always a time-consuming process. Each blind needs a new calculation, and with so many variables involved - infinite combinations of headrail options, finished drop, fold depth, cascade increments, stacked up depth, bottom trims and borders, this task was becoming increasingly complicated.

The amazing Roman Blind calculator

Fed up with our new mathematician-like jobs, we developed Roman Blind Wizard to do all the hard work for us (and you!). The online calculator works out all the maths for you without taking away any control over the design decisions. Now thanks to our online Roman Blind calculator, working out the measurements for your Roman blinds and Roman shades couldn’t be easier.

With just two measurements (finished width and drop), Roman Blind Wizard will automatically calculate all the measurements you need to create perfect cascading or standard folds. It addresses all the possible combinations of design and functional requirements of any Roman Blind.

Roman Blind Wizard:

  • Calculates and suggests ideal parameters for your blind, including number of fold sections, fold depth, cord drops and stacked-up depth
  • Produces a detailed workroom instruction sheet detailing fabric cutting sizes, rod pocket positions and cord drop positions
  • Produces detailed costings for fabrics, hardware, haberdashery and labour required to make each blind, and calculates ideal selling price
  • Provides calculations in minutes with no software to download, no license to pay and no sales reps to deal with

Roman blinds have come a long way since those early simple dust sheets, and the design possibilities are now endless.  Combine the Wizard’s online calculator with our free step by step guide on how to make a Roman Blind and you will be able to design amazing and unique blinds in no time. If this all sounds good to you, register now for your free Roman Blind calculator credit.